Untitled. is a comedy drama webcomic. It follows high schooler Robin learning how to get along with Ethan, a classmate that's been pestering her in the hopes of friendship. Problem is, Ethan's friends with her bullies. They have to figure out how to be friends despite a rift already being present between them.

The comic updates on Mondays, at 12pm EST. It is currently on hiatus until a time sensitive project is complete.


Hiya! I'm Sym. I write and draw the comic with help from my best friend Dan!
I love writing stories with characters that have realistic emotions and internal struggles. It's important to me to be able to relate to the characters you're interacting with or reading about! 
If I'm not working on the comic, I'm either working at the library, thinking of another project idea (that I can't work on right now), playing Stardew Valley, or crying over cartoons. A strawberry shake connoisseur that adores her many ocs <3

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