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Mon, Aug 15th, 2022 in Chapter 3 - November
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Author Notes:

Sym Mon, Aug 15th, 2022
And we're back!

I have a lot of news, and to spare a long explanation— I’ve compiled all of it on the blog! Please do check it out if you’re curious about all of the fun stuff that's going on.

But, here’s the TL;DR:

Schedule - Mondays, 12PM EST

New Reading sites - Home site (here!), Dillyhub

Link site has been updated! - Extra information, links, profile pictures, support links, spotify links, the whole nine yards!

Discord watch parties and Twitch streams come back in September!

And last… but not least…
Apparel and stickers!!

Here’s where you go to get them:
Apparel - Tapas Merchshop!
Stickers - Redbubble

Eventually everything will be in one spot ( ;) ) but for now, they’ll all be on their respective sites!

Thank you again for your support, as always. Happy to be back <3

Oh. and vote for Untitled. on TopWebcomics if you can. It helps a lot with getting the comic seen! You can vote once a day to push it up the rank list :D

(+ For the Comicfury crowd that's experiencing this comic for the first time... there's also a wiki :) )


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